New Ford car to feature in blockbuster

A Ford car is currently sharing screen time with two of Hollywood's biggest stars, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, in the blockbuster science fiction comedy Men in Black 3. The blacked out Ford Taurus SHO is just one of the modes of transportation that the duo uses throughout the film; other types include monocycles and jetpacks.

Ford have already released two videos of the car, one that showcases the full sized modern saloon in action in various segments of the film and the other that features a 1960's version of the Taurus complete with some extra special surprises under the bonnet.

Many iconic Ford cars have been featured on the television and big screen over the years, just some of the more recent being Mission Impossible 3 and Die Hard 4.

Currently the Taurus isn't one of the many Ford cars for sale in Europe, but with many other great models available at your nearest Ford car dealership, such as the Mondeo, you are sure to find a vehicle to suit you.