New Focus for Michele's Career

Michele Griffiths has a new focus on her motor industry career.

She has just been appointed new and used car sales manager at Trowbridge Ford, which recently became the 10th outlet in the Foray Motor Group. Michele's first task has been planning launch events for the new Ford Focus, which went on sale on March 1 and for which she has organised open weekends for three weeks starting on March 12.

"It's a busy time to take on a job like this but there's nothing like being thrown in at the deep end!" says Michele, who has worked in the motor trade since she was 17.

Her career started with one of the dealerships that became part of Foray when it launched in 1999 and she has been a sales administrator, service receptionist, sales executive, and sales controller.

Most recently, Michele was sales controller at the group's flagship dealership, Edwards Ford in Salisbury, where she was involved in meeting customers and guiding the sales team.

Her new role, managing three sales staff and a sales controller, involves more forward planning to help grow the business, which Foray acquired in January.

"Foray Group is a great place to work and everyone is judged on ability," explains Michele. "Everyone imagines this is a male focused world but I am the second female sales manager and there are three other female sales controllers in the group.

"I love cars and have wanted to be involved in selling them since I was 19. It's great to have my own showroom and sales team to manage and I am looking forward to my new job."

Michele's partner, Luke Mundy, is service manager for both Andover Ford and Trowbridge Ford but they don't spend all their time at home talking about cars.

"We have a two year old daughter Lily who keeps us busy and I like running and fitness as well as getting out into the countryside," she adds. But as far as jobs go, my new one has to be the best."