A brand new app has been released for fleet drivers and operators to take advantage of which will allow for the sophisticated tracking and support of light commercial vehicles such as the Transit van.
The fleet smartphone app specialists Driverconnex have explained how their innovative design will alleviate the need for installing an expensive and cumbersome black-box system, and that they have based their new technology on the belief that most employees of fleet companies do now have personal access to their own ‘smart' devices on which to run the programme.
The intelligent app has a wide range of potential features and uses, which can be signed up for on a long or short term basis by owners of fleets of new Ford vans and then tailor made to fit their requirements.
Some of the services which the app boasts are the capacity to track and report mileage and expenses, as well as providing on-the-spot advice as to what to do in the event of an accident, with reference to the individual policies of the businesses in question.