New Fiesta ST prices revealed by Ford

Ford headquarters have revealed the proposed prices of the hotly anticipated Fiesta ST, and they will perhaps have come as a pleasant surprise to those interested in purchasing one of the brand's two models.

At £16,995 and £17,995, these new Ford cars for sale are roughly £2,000 cheaper than the vehicles widely regarded as their closest competitors, meaning that drivers will be able to make a great saving on their next upgrade if they decide to go with the ST.

Anticipation surrounding the ST is now reaching a height, with enthusiasts looking forward to getting their hands on this highly regarded enhancement of the UK's most popular car, the Fiesta. The ST is an extremely powerful example, running on a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine and boasting 182bhp and 214lb-ft of peak torque.

Any drivers who are worried about the potentially high cost of fuelling the model will also be pleased to hear that it should return excellent rates of economy, with the famed EcoBoost engine providing a welcome way of keeping prices, and emissions, down to a minimum.

With a CO2 output of 138g/km and speeds of 0-62 miles per hour reachable in under seven seconds, the Fiesta ST seems to offer the perfect combination of economy and performance for all those looking to get a little more out of their day-to-day transport.

Discussing the introduction of this exciting new model into the UK's Ford car dealership makeup, the managing director of Ford Britain, Mark Ovenden, commented that the country's 'love affair' with high performance models designed by the Michigan manufacturer is now set to get a further 'boost' with the introduction of the new ST. Drawing on the recent success of the latest ST version of the classic Focus, Ovendon went on to say that he was confident the modified Fiesta would provide 'similar thrills' at an 'accessible price'.

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