New Fiesta RS could be on the cards

It's time for petrol heads to get excited, after insider gossip suggested that a new version of the Ford Fiesta RS could soon arrive on the market.

A great choice for those seeking a raw experience of power and speed, the RS versions of both the Fiesta and Focus models have always proved popular - especially from UK Ford dealers.

The RS is billed as an even more boisterous sibling of the Fiesta ST, and while it's likely that the new RS will feature the same 1.6 litre turbo engine as the ST, the predicted power boost from 179bhp to 230bhp is sure to offer fantastic fun for drivers.

There is also expected to be upgrades to the suspension, as well as the fitting of larger brakes and the installation of a host of other new features such as the front axle limited-slip differential. There will also be a complete overhaul of the cockpit, with previous features stripped and replaced with racing seats and lightweight materials, as well as the iconic RS badging throughout.

A long-awaited update

With the RS model usually arriving at the end of a Fiesta's or Focus' life cycle, there is still no real idea as to when this new version will be available, although the eventually release is sure to lead to a flurry of visitors to Ford dealerships across the country.

When it arrives on the market, it will be seen as an important success for the company, as the last version never actually made it to production, following its unveiling at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show; while many people were excited, the project was eventually cancelled, as Ford could not see how the model would be financially viable.

However, with the 2013 Ford Fiesta recently being confirmed as the best-selling car in the UK last year and the ST also boasting a great sales record, there looks to be no better time to finally bring the new RS to market.

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