Following on from the recent information released regarding the new Ford Transit Vans, many motoring magazines and websites have been compiling lists of the newly added features that you will find once you buy one of these new Ford vans.
Here are just a few of the gadgets as standard:
Colour reversing camera - New Ford Transits are now equipped with this extremely handy feature. No more will reversing into a tight parking space or bay be tricky or demanding.
Some versions of the Ford Transit Custom will be equipped with state of the art Bluetooth systems, complete with voice control. This innovative system means you can easily control your audio system, Smartphone and even satellite navigation by just using your voice. A brilliantly designed function for times when you really wish you had more than two hands!
For those looking to get the most economy out of their vehicle, the Transit Custom comes with two unique to Ford systems, its Gear Shift Indicator and Start-Stop System, that not only tells the driver when to change gears for the best fuel efficiency, but will also turn off the engine when stationary and restart automatically when needed.
These are just a selection of the new gadgets both under the bonnet and on top; visit your nearest Ford Commercial dealership for more information.