New EcoBoost production safeguards thousands of jobs

It has been confirmed that the upcoming 1.5-litre version of Ford's groundbreaking EcoBoost petrol engine will be produced at the company's plant in the town of Bridgend in Wales, safeguarding over 2,000 jobs and spearheading the development of the most economic instalment yet of this pioneering product.

With previous editions already available in models such as the new Ford Focus for sale around the UK, the EcoBoost has received widespread praise from industry experts, as well as winning a clutch of innovation and environmental awards. The announcement that the manufacture of its latest incarnation will take place in Wales has been greeted with delight by many at the factory and beyond, with local council leader Jeff Jones describing it as 'fantastic news'.

The 1.5-litre EcoBoosts produced at Bridgend will be distributed throughout the UK and the rest of Europe, meaning that the Welsh site will be one of the company's most important in the continent, going forward into what continues to be uncertain economic times. The 1.6-litre EcoBoost, first released in 2011, is also made in Bridgend, and there are no plans for this situation to change.

The Welsh government themselves have invested £12 million to make sure this project goes ahead – a move which has been strongly praised by officials from Ford of Britain. Mark Ovenden, managing director at the group, said that the devolved government has 'greatly assisted' the company's efforts at expanding their operations in the UK, and called the new arrangements a 'successful partnership'.

The domestic vehicle market has seen a significant shift towards lower emission and more efficient cars in recent years, and Ford have been at the forefront of this evolution; it may now not be long until the majority of available used Ford Focus models and other popular second hand examples come with an EcoBoost engine as standard.

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