New DVLA changes could affect car dealers


The Government has just confirmed that it will in fact be closing 39 of its local DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) centres in a bid to save money and modernise the service.

Already many within the Motoring industry have been up in arms about the changes that could affect their business dealings and timeframes. Figures showed that out of all responses received about the planned closures, car dealerships made up a quarter and almost four-fifths replied that they were not happy with the changes.

The Government stated that by implementing the closures and overhauling DVLA procedures, they could save up to £26 million pounds per year, with closures happening by the end of 2013.

Those worried about the changes include Ford car dealers who stated their concerns that the Government will not have systems in place to deal with their customers needs and demands without introducing delays.

Currently, 92% of new vehicles such as new Ford cars for sale are registered by motor dealers through the DVLA licensing system and the rest completed through regional offices.