New drug driving offence confirmed by government

The Government has confirmed that it is planning to introduce a new offence specifically to deal with drivers who are caught behind the wheel under the influence of illegal drugs.

With the vehicles, and in too many cases the lives, of those who have made a purchase from their local Ford car dealership being put in danger by the irresponsible actions of a tiny minority of road users, it was decided that legislation needed to be put in place to settle on an agreed response to such actions when they are discovered.

The Crime and Courts Bill in which the new measure is included is currently before Parliament and, if approved, should be introduced following a public consultation and the implementation of recommendations put forward by a specially appointed panel of scientific and medical experts.

The proposals for legislation have been welcomed by the AA, with the president of the organisation, Edmund King, reiterating that they have been willing the authorities for several years to ‘tighten up enforcement of drug driving’ so as to provide greater protection for the vast majority of drivers who take to the roads unaffected by any illicit substances.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) have also voiced their support for the plan, which they say ‘sends a very strong message that it is unacceptable to have drugs in your system behind the wheel’. According to the group’s director of policy and research, Neil Greig, the uniform carrying out of, for example, blood testing at the scene of accidents to ascertain if drugs have been a factor will help to ‘quantify the exact level of drug driving’ and should also act as an effective deterrent.

New and used Ford car dealers are now starting to receive new editions of well-known models that come complete with several features to improve safety levels such as the innovative MyKey system, which allows the owner to set things like speed limiters and a reminder to fasten seatbelts.

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