New Delhi Motor Show 2012 Will See Ford Fiesta SUV Concept Debut

The wait is over, you don't have to listen to the rumours anymore, Ford Fiesta-based SUV concept will now get its debut at the forthcoming New Delhi Auto Show in January 2012.

Reportedly named the "EcoSport concept", it is said to be part of Ford's ‘One Ford' strategy, which will potentially see virtually identical cars sold throughout the world.

Similar to the most recent Focus, the "EcoSport concept" is expected to produce the same car in India as in mainland Europe, although the European models are expected to see a higher level of specification in the standard models.

This is an exciting time for Ford motor cars and even if you can't wait for the Ford Fiesta-based SUV concept to become a reality, you will still be able to get fantastic deals on a Ford Fiesta at your nearest used Ford Car Dealers, which offer a wide selection of quality Ford cars for sale.