New car? It’s as easy as 123

It's coming up to the new school year and the school run is about to start again.

And if you're tired of worrying about your rather tired car being reliable this autumn and winter it's probably time to think about replacing it.

Tom Croft, group sales manager for Foray Motor Group, and his team have lined up a complete range of demonstrators to make choosing a new car easier. Not only that, but Foray Motor Group has secured a huge supply of Ka, Fiesta, and Focus models to allow faster delivery.

"Fiesta and Focus are the most popular cars in the UK and have driven the market for many years," says Tom. "Much of the demand is from retail customers who are the core of our business and we are tuned to helping them make a new car easier to obtain.

"Running a new car on the Ford Options PCP scheme gives a fixed monthly payment and as the cars are covered by the Ford new car warranty there are no repair bills to factor into running costs for three years.

"Even better, new cars mean better reliability and, for many owners, it won't even be necessary to buy tyres during their ownership, just fuel, road tax and insurance."

All Foray Motor Group dealerships are offering the stylish Ka Studio for as little as £6,995 on the road while probably the best Fiesta, the 1.25 Zetec five door, can be no more than £11,657. The larger Focus Zetec EcoBoost starts at £14,995 and for £1,000 more there's the special Ford Mondeo Graphite, delivering a big car for small car prices.

Ford also has a wide range of MPVs, from the B-Max through the C-MAX, C-Max Grand, and S-Max to the Galaxy while fans of 4x4 motoring will find the Kuga fits the bill - it can even be ordered with a tailgate that opens when you wave your foot under the rear bumper to make life really easy when there are kids, schoolbags, and shopping to load on a wet day!

"We want to make getting behind the wheel of a new Ford at the start of the new term as simple as 123," adds Tom.

"Stage 1 is to choose the model you want, Stage 2 to test drive it, and Stage 3 to drive it away. What could be easier?"