When you next visit your nearest petrol station forecourt you may well see a sign that stands out from the usual billboards and special offers, one that is designed to help publicise an organisation's appeal for the Government to cut fuel duty.
The signs will display just how much the Government receives in taxes from fuel sales at each garage and petrol station. Designed by the TaxPayers' Alliance, the signs will inform the public about just how much money does go to the fuel retailer for each litre sold.
The signs will be claiming that for each £30 of fuel sold on a forecourt, £18 is paid in fuel duty and VAT, then after that only £1 of the remainder going to the retailer itself.
If you are the driver of a commercial vehicle such as a Transit van, you will of course know that fuel has risen to its highest ever price level in recent years. Whether the organisation's appeal succeeds or not, investing in new Ford vans can be a way of saving money due to their economical engines and designs.