Recipe for success is in the bodyshop oven

Accident Repair Oven

Body technicians at Yeovil Ford have discovered the recipe for success – and it involves a high tech oven and a second advanced repair system.

Two inefficient ovens have been removed and in their place are the repair oven and a fast track repair lane that brings convenience and speed without any compromise in quality.

Ford-trained technicians will continue using genuine parts and paint to maintain body warranties in the insurance company and manufacturer approved facility.

But part of the £130,000 investment will reduce repair size, require less paint, and use a quarter of the power consumed by the old ovens making it better for the environment. The smart air system envelopes the repair site extracting dust and fumes securely as the panel is spray painted. Its faster process will ease workshop workflow and get customers back on the road in shorter times.

The larger new oven can be used for individual new panels but will also house a full size long wheel base high top Transit or two smaller cars for priming and has a system for faster drying.

It is hoped that following trials, this pioneer system can be rolled out across all Foray Motor Group’s accident repair centres.