New automatic tyre-monitoring product developed

A new product is being launched that promises to make the monitoring of things like tyre pressure and temperature easier which, as a result, could save domestic and commercial motorists alike a great deal of money.

This news, which could prove useful to every driver from customers at Ford dealerships in Milton Keynes to large professional fleets, has been announced by WheelRight, whose new device essentially allows for an automatic health check of a vehicle's tyres and other vital components.

As reported in this article, the system will simply require drivers to cross over a sensory pad that has been fitted into the road for all the relevant information to be gathered. This data will then be sent to the driver's mobile phone (or their depot, if they are part of a commercial fleet), meaning that details of tyre pressure, vehicle weight and axle load will soon be reachable without motorists even having to leave their cars.

WheelRight's marketers have been keen to point to the waste that under-inflation results in, with a tyre that is just 10 per cent flatter than it should be leading to a two per cent increase in fuel usage and a decrease in tyre lifespan of between eight and 15 per cent, according to research.

The true effectiveness and reliability of WheelRight's invention remains to be seen, of course, but there is hope that it will create an opportunity for many to cut back on both maintenance costs and the time it takes to check the state of a car's tyres. Whether you are looking to purchase one of the Ford second hand vehicles currently available or a brand new model, a chance to make a saving on maintenance costs should never be passed up and, fortunately, there is now an increased prominence of innovative devices like this coming to market.

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