A leading fleet and vehicle tracking group has launched two new e-books which aim to provide helpful advice to small and medium sized business owners who rely heavily on transport supplied by light commercial models such as the Ford Transit van.
These first publications herald the start of a planned series of guides offered by the industry analysts FleetMatics, which will no doubt be studied in terms of the cost-saving effectiveness of the measures that they propose. One of the e-books focuses on how operators can reduce fuel wastage and the other is concerned with improving efficiency within fleets.
Explaining why FleetMatics have opted to release these guides in the form of e-books, the company's European marketing director, Richard Brooks, said that his organisation is of the belief that they will be more widely read than would have been the case had they been promoted as lengthy printed articles, due to the busyness of the vast majority of the people who run SMEs throughout the UK.
Fully downloadable, the first e-book is partly presented in a list format, setting out the five biggest current causes of fuel wastage and how these can be identified and resolved. According to the guide, by far the two most significant avoidable factors are vehicles being left to idle unnecessarily and general substandard road behaviour by a minority of drivers. The second guide, meanwhile, has a total of ten points, each of which discusses ways in which the application of fleet management systems can help to improve efficiency.
With the LCVs available from Ford providing exceptional fuel economy, it is now becoming easier for commercial and independent drivers of vans in Dorset and elsewhere to get the most that they possibly can from what they pay at the pump, which can also be achieved by following a few simple money saving steps.