New Acceleration Record Set by 2,000hp Ford GT


A top American racing driver, Sean Kennedy, has recently set an all-new acceleration world record in his modified 2,000hp Ford GT supercar. The record-breaking attempt took place a couple weeks ago at the bi-annual Texas Mile Event, and has recently been officially authenticated.

The American tuning company Hennessey modified and rebuilt the record-breaking Ford GT for Mark Heidaker, the team owner. Hennessey meticulously prepared the Ford GT engine and replaced the original supercharger the GT has fitted with a pair of massive turbos to create the extra power boost required. The Hennessey tuning company also carried out a range of other tuning enhancements, so the GT's 5.4-litre V8 was taken from the standard 500 horsepower to an "estimated" 2,000hp, whilst running on high octane racing fuel.

The outcome saw Sean Kennedy break the 200mph barrier from stationary by the half-mile mark and then go on to break the world acceleration record and reach 257.7mph over the distance in this highly modified Ford GT supercar.

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