New 2014 Ford Edge utility car to go worldwide

The latest Ford Edge utility car will be exported to over 60 countries across the world.

The announcement came as Ford revealed that the Ford Edge car will be made at its Oakville Assembly Plant near Toronto before the cars are shipped to many different nations globally, including the UK.

Ford are looking to further extend the new Ford Edge's presence across the globe and are hoping to build on the 13 percent year-on-year growth it experienced in 2013. The new model will join other recent models such as the new Ford Fiesta and new Ford Focus for sale in being exported across the world.

Ford's commitment to craftsmanship

In the announcement, Ford revealed that it expects the Edge's sales to grow by around 30 percent in 2014, with approximately 600,000 vehicles estimated to be sold in the coming year.

To help achieve this worldwide target, Ford has invested C$700 million into the Oakville plant in order to keep up with the increased demand.

Dianne Craig, President and Chief Executive Officer for Ford Motor Company in Canada, said, "We're ready to showcase Oakville Assembly's commitment to craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing to deliver what our global customers want and value - a high-quality vehicle with class-leading design, fuel efficiency and performance."

The new Ford Edge will have features including a fully assisted parking aid, an obstacle avoidance tool and adaptive steering to help drivers when they are travelling at low and high speeds. The new vehicle will also have fuel-saving technologies such as active grille shutters, auto start-stop and an air curtain to manage airflow around the front wheels and increase aerodynamic efficiency.

The 2014 Ford Edge car will be available to customers from UK Ford dealers and other dealerships across the world later this year.

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