National newspaper features the EcoBoost engine


Ford's new 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine has rarely been out of the limelight since it was unveiled at the beginning of the year, with it gaining more and more fans each day including the national press.

The national newspaper ‘The independent' has just featured the amazingly innovative engine, calling it "A new generation of compact petrol engine that could transform the car industry, and help the environment too."

The article not only gives accolades for Ford's development within the Motoring world, and in particular its work under the bonnet, but also explains many of the technical lingo that often accompanies engine discussions, in turn helping the public to understand the extend of Ford's recent innovations.

The 1.0 Litre EcoBoost engine is available in a variety of new Ford cars for sale, such as the Ford Focus, and is expected to be included in many more in the near future at your nearest Ford car dealers.

Image credit: Dana60Cummins