National newspaper features Ford’s new traffic jam system


Ford has made no secret that they have been developing a prototype system that could see cars drive themselves in traffic jams. The system known currently as ‘Traffic Jam Assist' is as we speak being put to the test in Ford's advanced engineering centre located in Aachen, Germany and also at development centres in the USA.

The British newspaper ‘The Telegraph' has just run an article about the new feature and gives a brief run down of how it will work.

The Traffic Jam Assist system works by using both a radar and camera that scans the upcoming path of the car and detects road markings and any cars or traffic nearby.  Once the car's in-car computer system detects a traffic jam, it issues a voice command asking the driver if they wish to switch the control of the vehicle over to the car.

If activated, the system should then relinquish control of the vehicle and allow you to remove your hands from the steering wheels and feet from the pedals. Once out of traffic the vehicle's computer will detect when the speed reaches a set limit and control will then return to the driver.

Ford have commented that the technology could become reality and become standard on many of its Ford cars for sale in just five years time, certainly something to look out for in the future at your local Ford car dealership.

Image credit: oatsy40