MyCarCheck.Com Praises Ford Fiesta Van as LCV Option, an innovative vehicle data identification company, has released its May data on trends in the light commercial vehicle market, and the company has indicated that the car derived vans represent the best available investment, and that they believe that the Ford Fiesta van is the most desirable option on the market today.

Speaking for the company, David Hill said, “Although some people still think of them as a tool box on wheels, Car Derived Vans (CDVs) are tempting because they offer exactly the same specification as you get in the car version. The Ford Fiesta van gets our vote as the highly desirable option. It has the same looks as the car and has a good reputation for reliability. You can get various specifications right up to the Sport model, with the body kit and alloy wheels. The key is to do your homework, check the history and buy at the right price.”

Reviewing the rest of the company’s data analysis for the month, Hill said indicated that the Easter period represented a slowdown in terms of sales in the used van market. Some buyers used the time to look for seasonal bargains, but they were not available. “This month we have kept the majority of prices steady. The exception is the 4x4 double cab market, where we have made some adjustments – the majority being down – but that’s only to be expected at this time of year.”