Mustang 50th anniversary marked with new logo


The legendary Ford Mustang will be turning 50 years old in 2014 and, to mark the occasion, the classic car's manufacturers have unveiled a brand new logo for the iconic model, which will be launched soon alongside a line of exclusive merchandise.

It may not be as affordable or as widely sold as other popular examples like the new Ford Focus, but there can be no denying that the Mustang has been one of the Michigan-based group's most recognisable brands since its first generation was released back in 1964. 

Appropriately, 50 different companies have been chosen to produce and sell the forthcoming range of items such as watches, T-shirts and model cars that will be hitting shelves all over the world to help celebrate the Mustang reaching its half century next year. All of these goods are expected to carry the special 'Mustang 50 years' logo which, enthusiasts will be pleased to learn, will still feature the legendary galloping pony figure in silhouette.

Ford's head of global brand licensing, John Nens, announced this unique marketing drive for the upcoming sixth generation Mustang, explaining that he and his team want the selected products to 'convey an attitude of strength, passion and the highest quality', just like the car itself has now done for 49 years. Nens also said that the brand represents 'freedom, independence and being true to one's self', and that these important traits will all be reflected throughout the Mustang's 50th birthday celebrations.

Whilst the Mustang may be out of reach for many of us when it arrives in the UK at some point next year, the same precision engineering and dedicated design is put into each one of the Ford Motor Company's cars, with every model from a used Galaxy to the new Ford Fiesta boasting uncompromising aesthetic and performance qualities.

Image credit: Clement Bucco-Lechat (Wikimedia Commons)