Motor society compile motoring highlight list for the Jubilee


To mark the upcoming Queens Jubilee, one of the largest UK motoring societies have compiled a list of the largest automotive highlights over the past 60 years. The list has been compiled by the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) and includes many great key events in automotive history since the beginning of the queen's reign.

Here is some of the motoring landmarks mentioned:-

The very first item on the list was back on the 1st of January 1954 when flashing indicator lights become legal on the UK's roads, back then they white at the front and red at the back although there were some that were the more modern amber colour.

Several of the items on the list refer to the Ford Motor Company, with the first appearance from the car makers being back in 1978 when their Bridgend plant in Wales began engine production. Figures show that since then they now produce double the Ford cars for sale that they did then!

Other references to the Blue Oval include its Dagenham plants Diesel centre, opening in 2003, and the completion of the company's two giant wind turbines, also at its Dagenham site.

Image credit: exfordy