Motor show announces Energy Saving Trust partnership

Organisers of next year's Future Drive Motor Show have announced that the 2013 event will be hosted in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust (EST), reaffirming the car industry's increasing commitment towards building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry.

Future Drive will be held in London at the ExCeL exhibition and conference centre between the 5th and 12th May, and it will again act as a showcase for the latest in automobile technology, as it has since it was launched at Battersea Power Station in 2011 as 'EcoVelocity'.

Now, after last year's event attracted an extraordinary 58,000 attendees, those in charge of the spectacle wish to place more of an emphasis on the ever increasing popularity and significance of electric, hybrid and other low carbon emission vehicles.

Discussing the introduction of the EST into the staging of Future Drive, organiser Giles Brown explained how the world of automotive sales is constantly changing, with more innovative cars offering greater rates of economy dramatically more popular than they were even as little as five years ago. Now, the models such as those which come equipped with the groundbreaking EcoBoost engine at Ford car dealers make up a substantial portion of the market, which this year's involvement of EST has been designed to reflect.

Explaining how driving a low carbon car can lead to savings in a number of ways, EST spokesperson Caroline Watson said that the Trust's role at the show will include offering advice on things such as efficient driving techniques, alternative fuels, journey planning resources like smartphone apps and the various grants and schemes that can now be taken advantage of by fleets and domestic drivers.

The Ford Motor Company have long been leading the way when it comes to the promotion of 'green' transport, with vehicles high on both value for money and rates of efficiency available from new and used Ford car dealers alike.

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