Keep mobile with Foray and Motability

There are some hugely attractive offers available on Motability cars this quarter through Foray Motor Group.

In fact some Fords require a £nil advance payment while still using less than the weekly qualifying benefit allowance. Known as a Fixed Weekly Rental offer, the rest of the allowance (DLA or PIP) continues to be paid direct to the recipient every four weeks – representing a saving to the customer of up to £156 for each year of the lease.
As well as a range of Fiestas, B-MAX and Focus also have lead-in offers at this level.

Among other great offers on Fords through Foray and Motability are:

  • Fiesta Titanium with navigation 1.0p Ecoboost 100ps Automatic for £95
  • Focus Titanium with navigation 1.0p Ecoboost 125ps Automatic  for £45
  • C-Max Zetec with navigation 1.5tdci 120ps manual for £45
  • Grand C-Max Zetec with navigation 1.0p Ecoboost 125ps Manual for £145


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