More and more truck and van drivers have commented recently in America that they are looking forward to trying our Ford's soon to be released Ford Transit van. The vehicle has so far had very little information released about it, but an American trucking magazine spoke to a Ford spokesman who gave some more information and food for thought for those thinking about the new Ford vans.
Firstly, the new Ford Transit will be a slight adaption of the European version that is currently for sale in the UK. The vehicle is in the process of being designed with the USA firmly in mind, taking into account its many differing conditions.
Ford's head of van communications Mike Levine, told the website that the vans will be equipped with a choice of two engine options, a twin turbo 3.5L version and a diesel version, giving the driver up to 25% fuel improvement over the currently popular, yet discontinued van, the E-Series.
The new Ford Transit vans will begin production in 2013 in Kansas City.