More Ford B-Max information released

If you are a fan of new Ford cars you will, of course, have heard about the upcoming unveiling of the Ford B-MAX at next month's Geneva Motor Show.

More information about the Ford MPV has been released ahead of its debut which, at first viewing, gives the impression that the B-Max could well become the blueprint for all Future MPVs.

Firstly, the vehicle will be available from Ford car dealerships for just under £14,000 and will feature what many are calling an innovative and intelligent sliding door design.  The development of the pillarless door has been going on since 2004, and has finally been completed through extensive work on ensuring the vehicle is safe and strong.

So far two engine types have been revealed: an EcoBoost petrol model with 119bhp, in a 1.0-litre three-cylinder, and a TDCi diesel version. All models of the B-Max will come as standard with Ford's advanced Start-Stop-System and a gearshift indicator.