More experiences available from Ford


With the upcoming release of the Ford B-MAX, Ford have been promoting their vehicle by means of a fantastic website that offers a selection of experiences to enjoy. The experiences are free and are awarded to entrants via a ballot system.

Some new experiences have been added to that will all be taking place during September, here are just a few selected ones.

Classic FM Studio Visit: If you have ever fancied visiting a radio station and finding out how things work, or even wanted to get in on the action, then thanks to Ford this is your chance. The winner of this experience will not only get to tour the studios in London's Leicester Square, but also get to record a weather forecast for the radio station.

For those looking for something a little more energetic than another Ford experiences, a private flying display could be for you! Not only will you get a private display at the Southport Air Show, but you could also get the chance to try your hand at wing walking. There will also be an opportunity to speak to the pilots and get to fly in one of the display airplanes.

The Ford Open Doors website will continue to be updated with plenty of new experiences to enjoy, and at the same time promote one of the most highly anticipated Ford cars for sale in the UK, the Ford B-MAX, available from Ford car dealers at the end of the year.