You may well have heard that Ford's SYNC system will in the near future be available on new Ford vans and cars outside of North America, where it has been extremely successful.
The Ford Motor Company has been working towards bringing this technology to differing locations throughout the world, such as Europe, in a bid to tackle the global market. One of the applications that works in line with the infotainment system known as SYNC 911, has become one of the first applications to be given a name change as part of the bold global move by the company. The program will now be known as ‘Emergency Assistance' to give it a more global feel; the component works by immediately contacting the emergency services should the van or car become involved in an accident.
Fords car and van strategy has opened up plenty for Ford enthusiasts, with Transit vans starting production in the near future, and the release of more technologically advanced systems typically only available in North America, finally make their way to Europe.