Modern mums, millennials and quintastics behind Europe’s SUV Boom

A new Ford study has revealed that since 2005, sales of SUVs have quadrupled and this is expected to continue as the vehicles grow in popularity with a diverse group of buyers.

SUVs are no longer a popular choice with a select few as the study from Ford highlighted that modern mums (mothers with young kids), millennials (17 to 34-year-olds) and quintastics (active and youthful 50-somethings) have all begun to purchase models of SUVs.

This has undoubtedly been helped with the release of a number of new SUVs and will continue as more are set to be released in the near future, such as the new Ford Edge, which will be sold in Ford car dealers in Taunton and across the rest of the UK later this year.

SUVs embraced by different consumers

The study from Ford surveyed 5,000 people in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, and discovered new consumers are being attracted by SUVs.

The study found almost one in three modern mums are now considering purchasing an SUV as their next vehicle, whilst one in four millennials and one in five quintastics are also thinking about buying an SUV as their next car.

Perceptions of SUVs have also changed, according to the study, with 82 per cent of those surveyed saying SUVs are not a luxury vehicle anymore and have become more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient over the last five years.

Safety was another reason why so many consumers are deciding to buy SUVs. The survey found 82 per cent of respondents said keeping their family safe has become more important and 52 per cent highlighted this feature as being most associated with SUVs. Performing in bad weather (78 per cent) was another important aspect of choosing a vehicle and 57 per cent identify this feature most with SUVs.

The most likely people to buy an SUV as their next vehicle were consumers in Italy (31 per cent) and the UK (28 per cent).

Speaking to the Ford Motor Company Media Center, Roelant de Waard, who is the vice president of Marketing, Sales & Service for Ford of Europe, said, “SUVs have grown from a tiny niche in Europe to one of the most significant automotive trends of the past decade.

“Our range of three SUVs, with the upscale all-new Edge, arriving in dealerships across Europe now to complement our mid-sized Kuga and compact EcoSport, offers a wide variety of personal choice.

“We predict sales of 200,000 Ford SUVs in Europe this year, up by 200 per cent from 2013.”

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