Just recently, the Automobile Association (AA) reported that fewer and fewer people were servicing their vans and cars, with many citing the current economic climate being the main reason.
One warranty specialist has just began warning drivers against not getting vehicles serviced, announcing that, whilst saving money in the short term, it could cost you thousands of pounds over the lifetime of the van or car.
A van service, whilst not a legal requirement such as an MOT, can help with preventative maintenance. For example, a van service includes wheel alignment checking, meaning that you could prevent premature wearing of your van's wheel arches, in turn saving you money in the long run.
Regular servicing can also increase your van's value; buyers are much more inclined to purchase a van with a good service history. So, whether you drive a Transit van or another type of commercial vehicle, make sure you head to a qualified servicing centre such as Foray Commercial, a great place also for new Ford vans.