Microlise In-Cab Tablet Announced

The latest development in smart technology for fleet managers and their commercial drivers has just been launched by Microlise. The new DriveTab touch-screen tablet will enable voice and text communication either by touch or through voice communication. It has been designed with a rugged frame that can be carried out of the vehicle or mounted in the vehicle on a dedicated charging bracket.

The tablet will allow companies to purchase the unit with the features that they need and skip those that are not applicable for their business, making it highly cost effective. The software will be identical to that previously introduced in their SmartPOD mobile application, and will include trip sheets, integrated satellite navigation, driving style coaching and debriefing in addition to driver identification and text and voice functions. It will also be able to store phone numbers that can be dialed using the optional hands-free kit.

One of the most talked about features of the new device is the task management software that will enable crucial information about each shift or trip. The software will enable fleet managers to remind drivers of vehicle inspections that are due, safety checks and health checks, and even follow-up questions for customers.

According to Matt Hague, product strategy director for the company, the new product represents the best of their previous products brought to market in an appealing new package for commercial fleet drivers. “We’ve seen great success in the couple of months since we launched our SmartPod application for smartphones. Re-using this software but tailored for a new in-vehicle tablet, has helped us come to market with a cost effective, ruggedized, functionally rich and flexible in-vehicle communications solution for our customers.”