Merry Christmas from Foray Motor Group


Christmas is upon us and we are also getting nearer to the close of another new year; this is a special time of year to enjoy time with family and friends alike.

When driving over the festive period there are certain things to consider or be prepared for, especially if the winter weather conditions deteriorate. The AA recommends a winter check on your vehicle and even a winter service if your vehicle has not had a service in the past twelve months.

Once the air temperature starts to drop and a vehicle is faced with freezing conditions, it will handle or behave differently. In particular, you should get your battery checked as the car's electrical system will use more charge when cold starting.  

This is also why should make sure you carry out regular checks on your vehicle, such as tyre pressure, anti-freeze strength, screen wash in your car's washer bottle to keep the car's windscreens clean, and keeping your fuel tank topped up with at least a quarter of a tank of fuel, just in case of any unexpected delays during the winter period.

If you are unsure about doing any of these recommendations on the winter checklist yourself, simply pop into your local Ford car dealers and have a winter check on your vehicle or book your car in for a winter service.            

Both new and used Ford car dealers will only be too happy to assist anyone with any winter queries or concerns. This is sure to give any driver peace of mind whilst travelling over the winter or festive period.

Whatever you have planned and whoever you are planning on spending Christmas with, we hope you have a fantastic festive time ahead and stay safe on the roads. 

Image Credit: Martin Addison