The manufacturers Goodyear have begun working on an incredible new kind of self-regulating tyre which has the potential to inflate whilst in use on the road.
The company first came up with the idea last year and will begin testing it on commercial vehicles in 2013, meaning that it may not be long until new Ford vans will be able to benefit from this extraordinary advance in technology.
Provisionally referred to as Air Maintenance Technology (AMT), the groundbreaking system works via a sensor which detects when tyre pressure has fallen below its optimum level and injects air into it via a valve that is mounted on the sidewall; the valve opens and closes automatically, and the tyres return to their normal use once the inflation process is complete.
The technology is expected to prove most useful for operators of commercial fleets, with owners of Transit vans and similar models across the country surely eager to invest in the system in order to keep maintenance costs as low as possible.