Manual transmissions become more popular than ever

For many years, manual gearsticks and transmissions have become less and less popular, particularly in newer vehicles. Known to many as ‘the stick shift', and considered old fashioned in America, vehicle makers have long since stopped producing many of their vehicles, and in particularly their luxury versions, with the transmission type.

But, due to public demand, the Ford Motor Company have begun to add this non automatic gearing option to many of its upcoming models, including the most upscale Ford Focus, one of the most popular Ford cars for sale. A mixture of dealers, customers and even motoring journalists expressed interest in the change,  which certainly goes to show just how much Ford do listen and take note of their customers' needs and suggestions.

Why not head to your nearest Ford car dealers and find out just why so many people enjoy driving manual vehicles? With so many great choices of vehicles, you will have plenty of choice to explore.


Image credit: ChrisDownUK (Flickr)