Make easier work of those business miles

Ford’s figures show that 11 per cent of Transit Custom buyers already specify an automatic gearbox on their van.


Now that Ranger also has the auto box option and it will be included on the latest Transit Connect, making life easier for drivers has never been more straightforward.


Where a van or pick-up spends much of its day in heavy traffic, drivers can suffer less fatigue, and therefore drive more safely, where they don’t have to make constant gear changes.


It’s easier to concentrate where vehicle and pedestrian traffic heaviest when there’s one less operation to think about and eliminating the need for gearchanges is a great help in such conditions.


Where vehicles like the Ranger are used in off-road conditions, and where Transits are being driven on-road in conditions with poor grip, such as ice, snow, or heavy rain, the use of an automatic transmission can also help prevent the loss of traction that’s an inevitable consequence of dipping the clutch on a manual transmission.


Automatic gearboxes are also programmed to bring the best combination of engine speed and gear ratio, helping optimise fuel economy. To find out more about how an automatic gearbox could help ease your drivers’ workload, speak to your nearest Foray Group dealership today.