Mail on Sunday article asks if B-MAX is best family car

An article written by the famous chef James Martin has heaped praise upon the popular new Ford B-MAX mini MPV, and has even suggested that it may be the very best family car currently available in the UK.

The latest of Martin's regular motoring columns for the newspaper notes that Ford car dealers are already enjoying an extremely positive reaction to this groundbreaking vehicle, with 2,500 models ordered nationwide before it was even released onto forecourts in September of last year. Now, around six months after the public were first able to drive the B-MAX away from their local showroom, its reputation only seems to be strengthening.

Like many reviewers, Martin was very impressed with the amazingly easy access provided by the B-MAX, praising its sliding back doors and lack of any central dividing pillar as making for the 'easiest ever car to get in and out'. The celebrity cook was also quick to point out that this unique configuration is still as safe as any of Ford's other famously reliable examples, due to the doors' intelligent boron steel reinforcements.

There are a good deal of other features which single the B-MAX out as a wise family purchase in Martin's eyes, as well, including the fact that its generous headspace, legroom and full-length sunroof all make for an airy and 'light-filled' experience, which is sure to be a welcome addition for drivers who expect to be transporting several family members around at a time.

The Yorkshire-born chef-turned-journalist also used the article to voice his appreciation for other new and used Ford cars, explaining that the B-MAX is actually based on the UK's best selling domestic vehicle, the Ford Fiesta, which is described by Martin as 'excellent' and 'fun' to be in control of. The writer summarises things by saying that this exciting new MPV 'ticks all three boxes' of economy, practicality and handling.

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