Look both ways with “MIRRORNAVI”

We can now offer a sat nav unit for your Ford that's fitted alongside the rear view mirror in an extended holder.

Replacing the original rear view mirror, "MirrorNavi" means drivers can see the navigation at the same time as checking the rear view - seeing where they are going as they look where they've been!

It is compatible with most Ford car and commercial vehicle ranges, and when fitted is mounted without any visible wires or damage to the main instrument panel.

Insurance companies have confirmed that "MirrorNavi" is defined as a fitted navigation system for their purposes and another advantage is the absence of suction cup marks on the windscreen which might alert thieves to the presence of your portable sat nav, even if you have hidden it away.

The "MirrorNavi" itself has tinted and dimming mirror glass, a battery charging connection and anti-theft security and is available on all Ford cars and vans apart from Ford Ranger and 2009 Ka, which have insufficient space between the sun visors.

"MirrorNavi" is made by Garmin and Wollnikom and includes a 3.5-inch touchscreen colour display, an internal memory and card slot, 2D or 3D map display, destination memory, EcoRoute and maps and voice response for more than 70 countries and languages.

Available now, "MirrorNavi" costs £349.99 fitted. Please contact your Foray service department to arrange an appointment.