Line Lock feature confirmed for new Ford Mustang

The Ford Motor Company has unveiled an interesting new feature for the Ford Mustang, one which could be perfect for the race track.

Called Line Lock, it works as an electronic brake system that locks the brakes on the front wheels while disengaging the rear brakes. The result is that drivers are able to do wheel spins with complete ease!

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Ford vehicles through history, the Mustang is considered as the birth of the ‘Pony class’ of American Muscle Car and it immediately began to turn heads thanks to its long hood and short rear after it was first introduced in 1965. With 2014 marking 50 years of production for the model, it is important for Ford to retain the car’s racing heritage.

A tool designed for the track
Mustang Chief Designer Dave Pericak stated in an interview last December that the new model would have a special feature that is aimed at the kid inside of us. While many in the motoring community were speculative as to what this could be, the fantastic new feature will be far better than anyone expected.

Offering further information on the Line Lock feature, Mr Pericak added that it is essentially a burnout feature and is used to maximise the traction of the rear wheels. It is designed to heat up the rear tyres to achieve maximum traction prior to a drag-strip launch, suggesting that it is geared towards more experienced drivers than for those just impressing friends on the streets.

The news makes the arrival of the new Mustang even more exciting, with the sixth generation scheduled to feature in showrooms by November 2014. If you are looking to finding out more details about the model, why not visit one of the official Ford dealers in Hampshire that are operated by the Foray Motor Group today?

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