Light Commercial Vehicle Sales Expectations May Disappoint

Though hopes were initially high following the end of 2012 for a robust recovery in vehicle sales for the light commercial market, those hopes may need to be realigned. That is according to an assessment that has been lodged by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), who are forecasting an extremely modest amount of growth in expectation new registrations in the division for the year 2013.

Though the SMMT had nothing but praise for the success of this year’s CV show and the exhibitions of over 400 different companies, they also expressed reservations about the recovery that had originally been anticipated for this year. Though hopes were high with the release of the new Ford Transit Custom and other light commercial vehicles, evidence of actual investment growth in this part of the CV businesses is not as high as originally anticipated. Much of the resistance to rebound is being laid at the feet of the continued economic troubles resulting in companies continuing to use the vehicles that are currently in their fleets. This is stalling the investment of any additional monies at this time whilst no doubt a close eye is being kept on economic developments.

This will undoubtedly result in late model, top quality used vans, especially used Transit Vans remaining at a premium until the end of 2013.