Legendary Ford likely to sell for millions at auction

One of the most iconic Ford cars for sale to have ever been released is expected to sell for as much as £2.3 million when it comes up for auction in the United States soon.

The 1965 Ford GT40 will be sold at Arizona's RM Auctions shortly, and industry experts believe that it may turn out to be one of the most lucrative examples from the manufacturer to have ever changed hands.

One of the reasons why this mint condition GT40 is creating such a buzz in the States and around the world is that it was the very first of its kind to be purchased in the UK, by a Gloucester-based businessman, Jim Fielding. This means that it will be a mouth-watering acquisition for any true followers of this historic brand.

The story behind the GT40 label as a whole is a fascinating one, as it was originally commissioned at the request of Henry Ford, the grandson of the famous founder of the company, as a rival of similar spec models being produced by Ferrari at the time. This step was taken after a high profile falling out between Henry II and his Italian counterpart, Enzo Ferrari.

A truly revolutionary vehicle for its time, Ford's incredible development amazed enthusiasts at the time of its release, with the 1965 model capable of reaching a top speed of very close to 200 miles per hour. This particular GT40 (given its name because it stands at a deceptively diminutive 40 inches in height) has also been owned by quality car lovers in Australia and Germany in the past, and has been described by its auctioneers as 'one of the best' in the world.

Although you will probably not be able to find any GT40s for sale at your local Ford car dealership, there's no doubting that you will still be able to find a vehicle with fantastic performance levels and economy rates there, and all with a much more affordable price tag!

Image credit: Ed Callow (flickr.com)