Lax Van Maintenance Tied to Accidents

A recent study conducted by AXA Business Insurance, a company that provides insurance for over 130,000 vans in the United Kingdom, has revealed a direct statistical link between inattention to basic vehicle maintenance and the incidence of accidents. The study conducted information from the company’s own internal data, and revealed that those drivers or van owners that do not get their vehicles serviced have a four times greater chance of getting into an accident.

While ninety percent of van owners take the necessary steps to keep their vehicles in good condition and bring them in for maintenance at least once a year, there are a significant number of the remaining ten percent that never get their vans serviced. Basic maintenance on tyres, brakes, windshields and other parts can make a tremendous difference in the way that a vehicle operates, and AXA’s records show that bald tyres, damaged chassis, chipped windshields and worn brakes were contributing factors in many of the accidents for which they received claims.

Those drivers that were guilty of falling behind on their maintenance were also found to be more likely to have allowed their MOT to lapse. Whether this is due to concerns about costs or simple forgetfulness, AXA considers it an indication that the driver is not only being irresponsible but is also jeopardizing the safety of those with whom they share the road. Managing Director Darrell Sansom was quoted as saying,

"While the majority of van owners and drivers behave and drive responsibly, unfortunately there are some who clearly do not take their safety, or the safety of others seriously. This could be because they simply forget about maintenance, or they are worried about the costs. "But as an insurer, we do know that a number of accidents are caused because a vehicle has not been maintained properly and is therefore not roadworthy."

AXA Business Insurance has indicated that in cases where accidents are attributed to lack of maintenance, claims will likely not be paid.

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