The automotive maintenance and tyre supply company Kwik-Fit is making major investments into the light commercial and van servicing sector, with the aim of increasing its share of the market in the United Kingdom.
Due to the sector's continued growth, the company is beginning to expand the range of mechanical services currently offered in its branches, targeting light commercial vehicles (or LCVs) and vehicles such as the Ford Transit van.
Currently in the UK around 40% (1.6 million) of approximately four million business vehicles on the country's roads are estimated to be light commercial vehicles; this figure is expected to rise over the coming years to meet modern demands.
Kwik-Fit are also increasing the range of tyres in their centres for the top 80%+ of LCVs with a selection of premium, mid and budget priced choices in a range of sizes. New specialist LCV equipment is being installed in the company's 800 UK service centres, with additional light commercial vehicle training for staff.
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