James Bond Exhibition to feature Ford car

With 2012 marking the fiftieth anniversary of the James Bond series, the UK's National Motor Museum this week is opening an exciting exhibition featuring many of the vehicles used in the popular film series. Many cars over the years have become iconic with the licensed to kill figure, but did you know several Ford vehicles have made an appearance?

The ‘Bond in Motion' exhibition will be offering visitors the chance to view such iconic vehicles as the Aston Martin DB5 and even such unusual vehicles as Jetpacks, a motorised cello case, and even a crocodile mini submarine used in the film ‘Octopussy'.

You may think that these are certainly not the kind of vehicles you could pick up for sale, and certainly not at your local Ford car dealership, but you might be surprised, as a Ford Ka is featured within the exhibition. The 2008 Ford Ka was driven by Bond girl Camille in the ‘Quantum of Solace' movie.  Designed by the movie's designer, Dennis Gassner, the limited edition model is much like current available Ford cars for sale but with the addition of interior trim, a gold paintjob and exterior graphics.


Image credit: Dave McLear (Flickr)