September marks the time of the year that many students across the UK start or return to universities, with many having plenty of possessions to bring with them.
The van insurers Swinton have begun warning van drivers about the perils and pitfalls of lending their vans out to students, if even for a short period of time. Once of the insurers main points is the fact that drivers could in-fact be invalidating their insurance policy; of course, this might not be the case but it is advised for both parties to check beforehand.
Some students may have fully comprehensive insurance, so they may be insured to drive a borrowed Ford Transit van third party. Checking beforehand to make sure can save and problems that might occur in case of an incident or accident.
For many who will be helping students move personal possessions and belongings to student halls or houses this September, driving the van themselves can save all sorts of problems. Used and new Ford vans; with their performance, space and fuel economy are the ideal choice when having to drive long distances.