One of the largest commercial van insurers Swinton Commercial, have been warning van drivers across Britain about the upcoming problems that many white van men will be encountering within London if they don't have a proper plan of action during the Olympics.
The Olympic Games kick off at the end of this month and during their duration the city will welcome thousands upon thousands of visitors all hoping to catch the world's top athletes in their chosen sporting events.
The insurers have carried out research and surveyed 1,200 drivers of vans such as Ford Transit vans or other new Ford vans and found that nearly one third of those questioned about their Olympic plans, have admitted to not being prepared for the congestion.
Swinton have urged van drivers to carefully plan their routes with more research showing that just one in five drivers will find alternative routes to and from their chosen destinations during the Olympics, and only 10% have even considered avoiding congested routes by organising night-time deliveries.
One organisation is on hand to help businesses plan themselves around the upcoming Olympic Games; Transport for London. The group have created a website that is easy to use and offers alternative news for congestion zones during July/August.