One of the largest commercial van insurers have been reminding fleet and van drivers about the perils of leaving vehicles unattended whilst delivering. Swinton have warned that not only are more and more van drivers becoming victims of crime, but also, unbeknownst to them, invalidating their insurance policies by leaving vehicles unlocked and in many cases with their engines still running.
The insurers estimate that approximately 30,000 vans are stolen each year due to drivers leaving engines running whilst dropping or picking items up during their business day. One other mistake that many van drivers are guilty of is leaving valuables and items of worth on display. Items such as mobile phones and laptops are not only awkward to replace but also essential for your day to day running of your business, so ensuring they are out of sight at all times is paramount!
These tips are of course common sense and ensuring that you have a secure vehicle is also very important. Ford have some of the most popular and safety conscious vans on the market, why not visit your nearest new Ford vans dealer and view their great range of Transit vans to make sure you are as secure as possible?