One of the leading commercial van insurers has issued a reminder to van drivers across the UK to make sure that their vehicles are left secure over the August bank holiday.
Swinton Commercial has been reminding van drivers to ensure vans and their contents are kept safe during the long weekend, with many van and car drivers heading off for the last time with families before the winter due to schools reopening.
With the August bank holiday being one of the busiest of the year, many thieves find burglary at its easiest whilst workers are away from their properties. Here are just a few of the tips that everyone from business car owners to Ford Transit van drivers have been offered by the insurers; of course many are common sense but they are still very valid pointers.
Remove all equipment and tools from vehicles if they are going to be left alone for a period of time.
Ensure that your vehicle's security devices such as immobilisers and alarms are in working order.
Check your insurance policy to make sure that it covers the type of contents that are transported in the van; if you fail to adhere to this you could find your policy becoming invalid.

As with anytime that your van is alone, opportunistic thieves are always on the lookout. Upgrading your vehicle to something like new Ford vans can offer you an award winning set of security functions, offering you peace of mind.