With fuel prices on the increase, many companies and suppliers are offering their tips and hints to save money and at the same time help the environment by decreasing your usage.
Swinton commercial are one such company doing just this, and with petrol at an all time high it's certainly the right time. Here are just a few of the tips, some may seem quite common sense but they are still extremely helpful in cutting costs.
Checking your tyres before heading off on journeys is very important; not only for safety reasons but also due to more fuel being used if tyres are not at optimal levels.
The heavier a vehicle is the more fuel it will use. Ensuring that items such as roof racks, or even materials stored in the van that you don't need, are removed can result in reduced fuel usage.
Alternatively, if your vehicle is old and outdated, its engine could be far less economic then if it was for example a Ford Transit. To discover for yourself just how much money you could save on fuel why not visit Foray Commercial and view their great range of used and new Ford vans.