One of the largest providers of commercial van insurance, Swinton Commercial, has been warning commercial van drivers to make sure that they don't use their mobiles whilst at the wheel; not only due to safety concern but also because a conviction, no matter how minor it may seem, could easily double insurance premiums. Certainly not the kind of figure you would like to have to shell out for your Transit van Insurance, no matter how much you are already saving on it.
The insurers found that drivers can often find themselves paying over double the price for their van insurance should they receive a dial and drive conviction from the police. One instance mentioned by Swinton shows that one driver found themselves receiving a quote for £1,500 an increase of 128% compared to the year before.
Drivers of commercial vehicles, such as small business owners who regularly use their new Ford vans, are being targeted and reminded about the dangers of calling or texting whilst in control.
The commercial manger of Swinton commercial commented upon the company's warning, saying: 'For many van owners, their van is their livelihood, so it is especially important that they consider the risks associated with driving while using a mobile phone'.