Insurance company warns against price of defrosting

Research by one of the UK's leading car insurance companies has found that the country's motorists could waste £50 million defrosting their cars this winter and have advised drivers to look into other methods of clearing the windscreen on icy days.

The group have warned that the increasing impatience of many who have bought even the most efficient models available from Ford car dealers could lead to losing much of the money they have spent on petrol, due to letting their cars idle with the heating on before setting off on their journeys.

Incredibly, the study revealed that motorists may lose the equivalent of some 300 million miles on the road, simply because they choose to do this rather than buying a de-icer aerosol and scraper for an average of £1.99 and 99p respectively.

Both new and used Ford cars offer excellent fuel economy, but it is important for drivers to remember that all they have to do this winter is take a few simple steps to ensure that what they pay for petrol goes even further.

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